An Enthusiastic Reception for NCR's New M4

San Lazzaro di Savena, Saturday, October 8rd, 2011

The M4, NCR's new lightweight street legal motorcycle, delighted the crowds today at the 7th annual Barber Vintage Festival. The international unveiling took place at 1:15 pm at the NCR Center located in the Ducstock area between turns 13 and 14.

The two versions of the new motorcycle, the M4 and M4 One Shot were revealed today. The presentation highlighted many of the M4's special features as well as providing a demonstration of its modular design.

The M4's features include an NCR derived traction control system, high grade military connectors, an array of carbon fiber, billet and titanium parts as well as premium braking and suspension components. The generous use of NCR carbon fiber and titanium parts allowed NCR to achieve amazing weight targets. The units only weigh 286 lbs and 278 lbs for the M4 and M4 One Shot, respectively.

"I can tell you about the M4's power, torque and amazing light weight, however, words cannot adequately describe the experience of riding a motorcycle with those characteristics," commented Joe Ippoliti, NCR C.O.O..

The M4, although going through homologation for street-legal use in the United States, was built to perform on the race track. Therefore, another objective of the project was the ability to transform the M4 to race trim in less than 20 minutes. This goal was achieved with a modular design that allows the headlight/instrument cluster and tail section to be changed with just a few bolts and connectors. A two man NCR team demonstrated this process completing the task of changing the M4's stock mini headlight/instrument cluster and titanium rear subframe assembly with an optional race fairing and structural carbon fiber tail section. The process took less than 15 minutes which included time to address an amazed crowd.

NCR was also pleased to participate in last night's Motorcycles by Moonlight dinner for the benefit of the Barber Vintage Museum. At the event supporters were given a sneak preview of the M4. NCR is thrilled that both the Friday evening and Saturday crowds gave an enthusiastic reception to the sight and sounds of the M4.

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The NCR M4 and M4 One Shot are built to order with expected first deliveries of spring 2012.

About NCR s.r.l. - NCR based in Bologna, Italy is a designer and manufacturer of exclusive motorcycles and performance parts that are race circuit tested and use the highest available technology and leading edge design. In 2001, when the founders retire, the Poggipolini Group, a world leader in the processing of exotic lightweight alloys as Titanium, Magnesium, Aluminum and special steels, and a leading supplier of products and solutions for Formula 1, MotoGP, Aeronautics and Marine industries, continue the NCR evolution and mission. In 2005 NCR is authorized as a motorcycle manufacturer and begins building its first complete units. For more information on NCR visit