Alpinestars S-MX R Boots

A far cry from the super-stiff, internal-bootied Supertech and more pedestrian than the similar-looking S-MX Plus, Alpinestars' S-MX R boots are a balance of racetrack protection and road-going comfort.

Sliding in and out of the Rs is a simple task even in bulky leathers, something that separates them from other footwear with complicated lace/latch/zipper closures. A full-length zipper opens wide to welcome your foot, with an easy-to-use ratchet that snugs the molded shin plate up against your leg. An internal adjustment allows the boot to accommodate a wide range of calf sizes. Once inside, feet are planted in comfy foot beds and ensconced in ventilated mesh surroundings.

To wick away moisture, each boot has a trio of external intake and exhaust vents. In spite of these openings, the S-MX Rs don't flow air very well. Those who live in warm climates should go with the fully perforated version.

A grip pad strategically placed inboard of the heel provides excellent feel, and the sole offers no-slip peg grip. Replaceable injection-molded toe sliders snap in, but unfortunately also snap out easily. Various articulated sections throughout the boot provide excellent walk-around comfort.

Alpinestars S-MX R Boots
Price: $259

Contact: Alpinestars

4 stars out of 5
Solid protection and all-day wearability
at a reasonable price.