750 C.C. Indian Transverse Twin Military Model

From the February 1944 issue of Motorcyclist Magazine

Descriptions courtesy of “Motor Cycling.” These photos and specifications were released in July,1943, and therefore do not necessarily describe present models.

This head-on view shows the massive opposed cylinder heads with cooling fins and spark plug locations. Each piston has its own carburetor.
Left side view of Indian Transverse Twin shows the rocking heel and toe gear change pedal controlling the four speed box. Gear ratios are 5.10, 6.45,10.09 and 14.20 to 1. Power is transmitted through a handle bar controlled single-plate clutch. Front and rear internal expanding brakes of 8-inch diameter are provided.
Right side view of the Indian Military Model showing shaft drive and oval fork girders which are controlled by extension springs with hydraulic damping cylinder between. Side-valve unit has 2 7/8” bore and 3 �” stroke.