2x2 Cycles MotoGrill

The perfect setup for your next fender gate party

2x2 Cycles MotoGrill in use
The 2x2 Cycles MotoGrill makes "fender gating" a snap, utilizing their base rack system.Photo by 2x2 Cycles

It's summertime , and the livin' is easy. Perfect weather for motorcycle rides , baseball games, and barbeques. But what if you want to tailgate? Then you're left with the choice to take the truck and leave the bike behind, or take the bike and skip the grillin'. That is, until now. 2x2 Cycles has just released an awesome invention for the back of your motorcycle, aptly named the MotoGrill. This genius invention uses 2x2 Cycles' base rack that is adaptable to mount either a bicycle or this handy barbeque grill. Their base rack is available for just about every motorcycle out there.

2x2 Cycles MotoGrill
Made of stainless steel, the MotoGrill takes propane (fuel not included), and comes with a cutting board.Photo by 2x2 Cycles

The stainless steel grill is set up to take propane, which is not included, and comes with an adjustable cutting board. The MotoGrill attaches to the 2x2 Cycles bracket (sold separately) that allows adjustment in and out. And for those bikes that don’t have center stands to keep the mounting platform level, the MotoGrill mounts on a securable gimbal that allows leveling of the grill, and has a back up locking system.

2x2 Cycles MotoGrill, base rack, and Adventure Tray
The MotoGrill uses the 2x2 Cycles base rack (sold separately), which allows for addition of the Adventure Tray (also sold separately.)Photo by 2x2 Cycles

The MotoGrill sells for $169, but needs the 2x2 Cycles base rack, which is an additional $149. You can also opt for an additional Adventure Tray, which would provide a flat space to strap down your cooler, or otherwise provide prep space for barbecuing. The Adventure Tray goes for an additional $87. Head on over to 2x2cycles.com for more info, and get to grilling before summer is gone!

2x2 Cycles MotoGrill
With the 2x2 Cycles MotoGrill, you're ready for your next "fender gate" party any time, no matter what motorcycle you ride.Photo by 2x2 Cycles