For the second year running, Indian has taken its top-shelf tourer, the Roadmaster, and decked it out with the best it has in house, from tech to accessories. The 2019 Roadmaster Elite is the crown jewel of the Indian Motorcycle fleet, an eye-catching luxury tourer with lustrous paint, 24-karat gold leaf script on its tank, and a stylish blend of shiny billet and lustrous leather throughout. Exclusivity is part of its allure, as is collectability, as only 200 2019 Roadmaster Elites are being made.

As if the 300-watt stereo system on last year's Elite wasn't enough, Indian doubled down on the 2019 version, equipping it with a 600-watt PowerBand Audio Plus arrangement that has speakers in the fairing, trunk, and saddlebags. The PowerBand package includes a nine-band dynamic equalizer that auto-adjusts for road, wind, and engine noise according to speed. The rolling boom box is paired to Indian's Ride Command System, touted as "the largest, fastest, most customizable infotainment system on two wheels." The Ride Command features a 7-inch touchscreen that you can pinch and swipe with gloved fingers. Download the Ride Command mobile app and you can access diagnostic info remotely. Owners can also chart a route with up to 100 points on the Ride Command website and wirelessly load it to their Elite's navigation system via Bluetooth.

Ride Command Infotainment System
Indian’s Ride Command Infotainment System features a big 7-inch screen with stellar clarity and includes turn-by-turn navigation, customizable screens, and a boomin’ 600-watt audio system.Indian Motorcycle Co.

Perks of 2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite ownership include billet aluminum rider and passenger floorboards and Pinnacle mirrors. You won’t find the chrome trim shrouding the fenders on any other Indian than the Elite. Ditto for the touring console and leather passenger armrests. The Wildfire Red Candy over Black Crystal paint is also exclusive, the flake-rich sheen achieved through a painstaking 30-hour process that includes sanding the bike twice, masking the bodywork, laying the graphics, and hand-spraying the paint.

2019 Roadmaster Elite headress
The signature valanced front fender on the 2019 Roadmaster Elite wouldn’t be complete without the chief and his illuminated headdress lighting the way.Indian Motorcycle Co.

The 2019 Roadmaster Elite one-ups last year’s predecessor because it comes with three ride modes that can be switched in motion and rear cylinder deactivation, upgrades recently launched on all of Indian’s 2019 heavyweight models. Ride modes include Tour, Standard, and Sport, allowing riders to dial in throttle response depending on riding conditions or personal preference. Indian installed its rear cylinder deactivation system on all Thunder Stroke 111 engines as a way to counteract the heat the big V-twin generates. Once the motorcycle reaches operating temperature and ambient temperature exceeds 59 degrees Fahrenheit, the rear cylinder automatically shuts down when the bike is at a standstill. Roll on the throttle and it automatically reactivates.

2019 Roadmaster Elite action
Both rider and passenger will be riding in style on the 2019 Roadmaster Elite thanks to the bike’s big cushy leather seats, spacious floorboards, and all-day ergonomics.Indian Motorcycle Co.

Rider amenities carried over from the traditional Roadmaster include heated seats with independent controls for the passenger as well, heated grips, an electronically adjustable windscreen, remote-locking saddlebags, keyless ignition and ABS. Between the cubby hole in its lower fairings, saddlebags, and capacious topcase, the 2019 Roadmaster Elite has a generous 37 gallons of storage capacity.

Roadmaster Elite pillion
Indian didn’t forget about the passenger’s experience on the Roadmaster Elite which comes with leather armrests, floorboards, and their own set of controls for the heated seat.Indian Motorcycle Co.

“The Roadmaster Elite offers the most refined, premium touring experience for riders who demand the best of the best,” said Reid Wilson, senior director for Indian Motorcycle.

2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite
The 2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite has plenty of curbside appeal but don’t let its good looks fool you; this is a bona fide long-distance touring machine.Indian Motorcycle Co.

Indian’s top-shelf touring machine comes with a $36,999 sticker price, considerably lower than Harley-Davidson’s equivalent, the 2019 CVO Limited, which has an MSRP of $43,889. Granted, the CVO Limited comes with Harley’s largest-displacement stock engine, a Milwaukee-Eight 117, but Indian does offer aftermarket performance enhancers like a 116ci Stage 3 Big Bore Kit claimed to boost horsepower by 20 percent and torque by 15 percent; Stage 1 Exhaust; Thunder Stroke Stage 1 Performance Air Intake; and Thunder Stroke Stage 2 Performance Cams for the Roadmaster Elite. It’s an undeniably striking bike, the embodiment of class and style. But don’t let the glitzy exterior fool you. This is a bona fide coast-to-coast touring machine, capable of easily going the distance thanks to its combination of power and comfort.

600-watt PowerBand Audio Plus system
This bike is going to go “boom” thanks to its 600-watt PowerBand Audio Plus system.Indian Motorcycle Co.

2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite Specs

Price: $36,999
Engine: Thunder Stroke 111ci (1,811cc), air-/oil-cooled, 49-deg. V-twin
Transmission/Final Drive: 6-speed/constant mesh belt
Fuel System: Electronic fuel injection, closed loop/54mm bore
Claimed Torque: 119 lb.-ft. at 3,000 rpm (138.9Nm at 2,600 rpm)
Front Suspension: Telescopic fork, 46mm diameter; 4.7 in. (119mm) travel
Rear Suspension: Single shock w/ air adjustment; 4.5 in. (114mm) travel
Front Brakes: 4-piston calipers, dual 300mm floating discs w/ ABS
Rear Brakes: 2-piston caliper, 300mm floating disc w/ ABS
Rake/Trail: 25°/5.9 in. (150mm)
Wheelbase: 65.7 in. (1,668mm)
Seat Height: 26.5 in. (673mm)
Fuel Capacity: 5.5 gal. (20.8L)
Claimed Dry Weight: 914 lb. (415kg)
Color: Wildfire Red Candy over Thunder Black Crystal w/ 24K gold trim
2019 Roadmaster Elite paint
When the sun hits the 2019 Roadmaster Elite just right, its flake shines like a gem. There’s 24-karat gold leaf in its badging.Indian Motorcycle Co.
2019 Indian Roadmaster Elite console
The custom console not only looks clean, but its raised dials should be a little easier to read while riding.Indian Motorcycle Co.

Ride Command Infotainment System

Screen Size: 7 in.
Premium Audio System: 600-watt w/ AM/FM, Bluetooth, and USB input
Customizable Split-Screen Information Displays: Eight screen options
GPS Navigation: Turn-by-turn directions, built-in points of interest
Customizable Route Builder: Add up to 100 waypoints
Mobile App: Bluetooth route transfer and remote vehicle data access