The 2017 One Moto Show Photo Gallery

A brief overview of Portland's custom motorcycle show

Harley Davidson JD1000
The "Tennessee Waltz" 1923 Harley-Davidson JD 1000 built by Matt Harris and 40 Cal Customs, won The One Moto Show award.Photo: Julia LaPalme

An estimated 17,000 people showed up to the old Pickle Factory to see the eighth annual One Moto Show, featuring about 200 custom motorcycles from builders all over the country. Originally the brainchild of Thor Drake, owner and founder of See See Motorcycles, this show was created with the idea that if you could have just one motorcycle, what would it be? Here’s just a brief overview of the bikes and sights we saw at the show.

1928 Indian
Adam Hughes’ 1928 Indian was a barn find worthy of the “ruin porn” title, for those that lust for patina.Photo: Julia LaPalme
1978 XS750
This 1978 Yamaha XS750 built by Fernando Cruz stood out amongst the sea of classic round headlights, with its angular fairing and slit headlight.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Moto Art
Custom bikes weren’t the only display of artistic moto-expression. A multitude of artists’ paintings and prints were featured on the wallsPhoto: Julia LaPalme
The One Moto Show music bands
Numerous bands played during the three days of The One Moto Show, keeping the crowds thoroughly entertained.Photo: Julia LaPalme
2006 Harley-Davidson XL1200
This 2006 Harley-Davidson XL1200 was built by Bang Moto. Plenty of detail including the orange-anodized Warp 9 Racing pegs and levers with rims colored to match.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Buel XB12R
A rare sight to see: Miguel Padilla brought a 2006 Buell XB12R, decked out in carbon fiber galore.Photo: Julia LaPalme
2016 Deus Bel Air 1200
Road-racing-inspired 2016 Deus Bel Air 1200 built by Michael “Woolie” Woolaway for Deus Ex Machina.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Flying Merkel orange XT500
With all the muted colors of flat black, and polished metal in the surrounding builds, this bright orange 1976 XT500 Custom board track racer built by Speed Machine, couldn’t be missed.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Harley-Davidson JD 1000 fairing
Another look at show-winner Tennessee Waltz. The brushed metal, riveted, and red painted fairing of Matt Harris’ Harley-Davidson JD 1000 created a distinct front profile.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Mini moto race dog
This mini moto racer's dog insisted on participating in one of the many races that were held on the second floor of the Pickle Factory building, providing entertainment throughout the weekend.Photo: Julia LaPalme
RSD 2015 BMW RnineT
2015 BMW RnineT, built by Roland Sands Design.Photo: Julia LaPalme
Christian Sosa Knucklehead
Cristian Sosa, of Sosa Metalworks, center, held court for hours on Friday night, as his highly customized Knuckle Head Harley-Davidson drew loads of attention. Rightfully so, as the bike featured a multitude of unexpected details, including beveled gears and rods to engage the throttle. Arguably one of the most beautiful bikes at the One Moto Show.Photo: Julia LaPalme
The Kraken, a 1980 Yamaha XS650
Todd George designed and fabricated this 1980 Yamaha XS650, dubbed “The Kraken,” over a matter of 10 months. This custom features a 1910 modified boat light, banana girder forks, and many other custom pieces.Photo: Julia LaPalme
The One Moto Show Thor
Thor Drake addresses the crowd of attendees, to present the One Moto Show award.Photo: Julia LaPalme