2015 Best Sportbike MOTY Winner: BMW S1000RR | 2015 Motorcycle of the Year Awards

Savage Power, Impeccable Civility

Every time we ride BMW's 999cc S1000RR we're blown away (see the S1000RR First Ride, "The Best Just Keeps Getting Better" here). Not only is the double-R the most powerful bike in the category—slamming down a bona fide 184 hp in our latest test—but it's also the most civil superbike available and without a doubt the best daily rider in the class. The engine is so versatile it's since spawned other excellent all-around bikes like BMW's naked S1000R and the new S1000XR sporty tourer.

As a sportbike intended to deliver unparalleled performance, the BMW S1000RR excels in nearly every respect. Power, weight, brakes, handling, electronic riders aids—they're all class leading or damn close to the best that's available—and at a price that's very competitive too. No one in their right mind will debate the double-R's athleticism or value.

And while we at Motorcyclist are decidedly sport centric, what we love most about the S1000RR is not its compress-your-eyeballs acceleration, or the fact that it tells you how deep you're leaning in turns, but how comfortable and composed it is all those days you're not at the track or strafing a twisty road. While most thoroughbred sportbikes make you pay for their performance with punishing ergonomics or barbecue-like engine heat, the BMW coddles you with a comfy seat, decent wind protection, and even cruise control and heated grips.

No, it doesn't have electronic suspension or NASA-grade data acquisition, but Aprilia's V-4 is the most exciting and passionate means of turning gasoline into forward thrust that we've ever experienced. And that was last year's model. This year's bike, released as an early 2016 machine (see the RSV4 RF First Ride review here), magically cranks out an additional 20-plus hp. Adding more oomph to an already powerful and incredibly compact machine makes the RSV4 the top choice for riders seeking raw excitement and incredible performance.