2006 Motorcycle Of The Year - Introduction - Best Of Motorcycling 2006!

The Very Best Motorcycles, The Most Significant Motorcyclists, And A Whole Lot More

A half-dozen years after the millennium that should have changed everything, some things remain the same. The right motorcycle can still pull you out of bed in the morning and keep you up late at night. Brochure copy remains painfully overwrought. Speeding tickets cost 87 percent more than you thought. The perfect motorcycle is still looking for a way out of some engineer's head, though something in somebody's showroom comes a little closer every year.

Picking one that's closer to perfection than its peers has never been easy. This time, picking the MOTY winner was brutal. But after expending innumerable gallons of gas, cups of coffee, pints of beer and No. 2 Ticonderoga pencils, we culled the herd to 10 contenders. From there came a Final Four, and finally there was just one-our 2006 Motorcycle of the Year.

There's more: eight category awards representing the best from each class. And because there's more to motorcycling than motorcycles, we've rounded up a collection of Bests from each staffer, featured a story on one highly inspirational rider, and also bestowed the Greg McQuide Memorial trophy on our 2006 Motorcyclist of the Year.

Thanks? Hey, thanks for the thought, but it's our job.