1980 Carlsbad USGP - One Day Of Magic

The Latest From The Motocross Files Documents The 1980 Carlsbad USGP

In these days of economic uncertainty and crisis management, it is very comforting, even stimulating, to be bathed in glorious memories of how great certain times have been in the past-even if the bath only lasts a couple hours. Such was the experience in seeing the premiere screening of Todd Huffman's new film The Carlsbad USGP 1980: One Day Of Magic.

Such was the magic in the air at Southern California's Carlsbad Raceway on June 22, 1980, that fans and the media referred to it as "The Woodstock of Motorcycle Racing." It was one for the history books as the day the Europeans' nine-year dominance finally came to an end.

The movie is riveting for any fan of motocross as the stars of yesteryear-Marty Smith, Bob Hannah, Roger DeCoster, Gerrit Wolsink, Brad Lackey and Danny LaPorte-weave the story about the day 30,000 race fans showed up to cheer on the Americans. The setup for the main plot is like stretching an elastic band that finally has to break-and break it does when Huffman intercuts footage from ABC's Wide World of Sports coverage for us to see just how the "Man of the Day," Marty Moates, firmly spanked not only the Europeans, but also his fellow Americans! When the local San Diego rider won the first moto, everyone assumed it was a fluke. When he won the second, Carlsbad came unglued!

Huffman and his crew did a marvelous job of portraying just what a turning point this race was for American motocross, and just how magical it is when an unknown can become a national hero with one unforgettable performance. If you are into motocross this is a must-see movie, or a must-buy DVD. Order your copy online at www.carlsbadusgpmovie.com.

One Day Of Magic