Yamaha MT-01 Motorcycle Headed for Europe

The radical "Torque-Sports" concept motorcycle of 1999 will be a 2005 production motorcycle, but only for European buyers.

Yamaha has announced that the radical MT-01 concept bike, which you might recall from the 1999 Tokyo Motor Show, is going into production. The motorcycle, which is powered by a pumped-up version of the Road Star 1700 air-cooled pushrod engine, will be a 2005 production model, but only for Europe.

The combination of the low-tech cruiser-derived engine (which has a rev ceiling of about 5000 rpm in current applications) and the cutting-edge performance-oriented chassis makes the MT-01 a hard motorcycle to classify. Yamaha calls it a "Torque Sports" motorcycle.

The Yamaha tease site says the bike offers "a new style of sports riding." It certainly emphasizes the engine, promising "an engine that's so alive that every revolution is an event."

The site is set up to provide multiple preview-peeks about the bike, and if you want to give Yamaha your email address, it will alert you to updates about the production MT-01, slated to debut on September 14.

Yamaha's site for the bike can be found here: www.mt-01.com. That will take you past the flash page, which comes up if you just enter the base URL.

The MT-01 combines a light, stiff, cutting edge chassis with a big torquey V-twin.
Placing the shock next to the engine let the engine ride low in the frame, cleans up the rear end, and adds a radical visual touch.
The air-cooled engine engine has come a long way from its origins in the lazy Road Star, but torque is part of Yamaha job description for the MT-01.
With its open rear end , distinctive rear suspension configuration, and big air-cooled engine, the MT-01 is very identifiable motorcycle.