Winter Season Storage Products | GEAR

Five products for putting your bike to bed.

The Titan cover shown here is Empire's premium offering. It features a five-layer, ultrasonically welded fabric that's waterproof, UV resistant, and non-scratching. It's equipped with an elastic hem and built-in straps and buckles to keep it secure in the harshest weather. It's also $152, which is pretty pricey. If you don't need a hurricane-rated cover, Empire has simpler security blankets starting at about $35.

2 Schumacher SP2 SMART CHARGER
As important as fresh fuel in the tank is, you need a healthy battery to spark the fire. The $40 Schumacher SP2 smart charger is designed to charge and maintain 6- and 12-volt lead-acid batteries and has a 20-foot cord for ease of use in the garage. It's also very simple to use: Just plug it in and let it do its thing. It also comes with clip-type connectors as well as a pigtail for permanent installation on your bike.

Paddock stands are great for tire changes and routine maintenance, and they're also useful for long-term storage. Keep your tires from developing flat spots and conserve floor space this winter with a set of American-made Pit Bull stands. The SS rearstand ($158 as shown with removable handle) works with or without spools, and Pit Bull's Hybrid Forklift front stand ($160) can be converted to lift from the lower triple clamp if desired.

Neutralize existing corrosion and prevent further damage this winter by treating your bike with ACF-50. This spray-on formula was developed for the aviation industry, so you know it's good enough for your bike. It's safe on all metals, paint, plastic, and rubber and creates a self-healing, ultra-thin film that protects the underlying material for up to 12 months. Pick up a 13-ounce can for $13.

It's designed to seal the exhaust outlet on your dirt bike as you hose it down post-ride, but FMF's wash plug is a great idea for winter storage—especially if your bike lives outdoors. This $5 rubber plug fits muffler outlets from 25mm to 55mm (see top photo) and will help protect your exhaust plumbing, valves, and cylinder walls from corrosion.