Travis Pastrana's Replica Evel Knievel Jump Gear

A mix of custom and production riding gear from Roland Sands Design

travis pastrana evel live gear
The duds Travis Pastrana wore for Evel LiveJeff Allen

Flying through the air at 70 mph presents a unique set of problems. The most important: looking good—especially when you're following in Evel Knievel's skid marks. The Nitro Circus squad tapped Roland Sands Design for help designing Travis Pastrana's kit for Evel Live, a made-for-TV tribute to Knievel's original three record-breaking Las Vegas jumps. RSD tweaked existing apparel from the catalog to the rigors of flight, complete with a satin cape.

1. Helmet

Evel donned a Bell Helmet, so Travis had to as well. He chose Bell's Snell-rated Star Classic auto-racing helmet, because it appeared most similar to the original. Besides having special paint and Red Bull graphics, Roland Sands wrapped black gaffer tape around the D-ring straps to cover the yellow-colored fabric moments before Travis prepared to hit the ramp.

2. Jacket and Cape

Next to the helmet, Evel's jacket is the most iconic piece of the riding kit. Travis' stars-and-stripes-emblazoned coat began life as a production version of RSD's retro-inspired Clash jacket. The jacket was tailored to Travis' torso for a tighter fit, similar to a race suit. It also features a painted white leather exterior. The cape is silk and attaches with snaps. Tailors stitched in a zipper to affix the custom-made pants. The jacket features armor in the elbow and shoulder areas. Travis also wore a back protector—a sensible addition, even if you're paying homage to Evel.

3. Gloves

Travis' gloves were bone-stock RSD Peristyles. These short cuff mitts feature a soft and grippy motocross-style palm with a simple stitched leather top.

4. Pants

Designed from scratch, the leather pants were custom-fit to Travis’ physique and feature knee armor just in case things went sideways.

5. Boots

Because Travis has a fused ankle from prior wrecks, Bates had to reconfigure the boot zipper to accommodate his oversize joint. In the end, the size 13 boot ended up being a custom one-off piece. Appearing more like a vintage-style dress boot than an actual riding boot, it featured a supersized raised heel for extra sketchiness, just the way Evel would have liked.