Top Motorcycle Chain Brushes

Toothbrushes are for teeth, not motorcycle chains. Clean your chain correctly!

Cleaning your motorcycle chain with a brush is the best way to get the previous rides off of it, and extend its life span.Motorcyclist

Toothbrushes belong in your bathroom, not your motorcycle maintenance tool kit. When you’re cleaning your chain you want a tool that you know will get the job done and the bristles on toothbrushes are too soft for getting the gunk off. Sure, you could reapply chain cleaner two or three times—and scrub, and scrub, and scrub—or you could buy one of these brushes, saving yourself time and solvent.

Hardy Construction

Durable design and replaceable bristles make this chain cleaner long-lasting.Amazon

Often imitated, never duplicated, the Simple Solutions Aluminum Grunge Brush is one of the best motorcycle chain brushes you can buy because of its sturdy construction and the fact that you can adjust and replace the bristles. Other chain brushes have fixed bristles, a huge drawback considering if the bristles break or are worn from use, you have to buy another brush. With the Grunge Brush, you can buy a replacement pack of bristles and get back to scrubbing.

Good Deal

Two times the cleaning and two times the value.Amazon

If your budget is tight or you just can’t pass up a good deal, then the WEFOO Motorcycle Chain Brush 2-Pack is what you’re looking for. This set of two brushes has the same construction and shape as more expensive ones, but are made out of plastic and have nonremovable bristles so there are some trade-offs. Besides that, these brushes are a great steal and if you buy a pack, you could always hook your friend up with one.

Scrub Every Angle

Save on cleaning time with the 360-Degree Brush from Tirox.Amazon

C-shaped motorcycle chain brushes can clean every side of your chain, but they require some finagling and trying to find the right angle of attack. The Tirox 360-Degree Chain Brush does away with complications because of its simple and effective design. The brush spirals onto your chain, cleaning every side—and in between the rollers—as you pull the chain through its bristles. The Tirox 360 also collapses down to a 2-1/2-inch wide disk, making storage on your bike and taking it with you on longer trips easy.