Top Motorcycle Chain Lubes

Keep your bike’s chain lubricated with our suggestions for the best motorcycle chain lubes.

Keeping your motorcycle chain clean and lubed is one of those maintenance tasks that you shouldn't neglect. Think about this: You're riding hard, snap the chain, sending it straight through the engine case, leaking oil all over the side of the road. Now you're stranded. Save yourself from a potential headache—take 30 minutes every week to lube your chain with some of the best motorcycle chain lubricants around.

Maxima Ultimate Chain Care Kit

Clean, lubricate, and seal your chain with Maxima’s Ultimate Chain Care Aerosol Combo Kit.Amazon

If you're going to clean, lubricate, and protect a motorcycle chain, you might as well buy a product that does all three. The Maxima Ultimate Chain Care Kit includes all the products you need to maintain the chain. The cleaner strips gunk without harming the rubber seals of O/X/Z-ring-type chains. Multi-Purpose Penetrant Lube oils it, and the chain wax seals it from moisture. This is the total motorcycle chain care package.

Motul MC Care C4 Factory Line Motorcycle Chain Lube

Lubricate your chain with a brand that the motorcycle industry trusts, Motul.Amazon

Do you want to use what the pros run? Then Motul MC Care C4 Factory Line Motorcycle Chain Lube is what you're looking for. Motul is known throughout the motorcycle industry for providing quality products to professionals. The Factory Line Chain Lube was developed specifically for roadracing motorcycles but works great for on-road bikes too. If you're looking for a chain lube for your dirt bike or ATV, Motul also has a specially designed formula for them.

PJ1 Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube

Patented anti-fling formula keeps your bike and rim clean and chain properly lubricated.Amazon

Messy chain lube is annoying and attracts road grime to your chain, swingarm, and rear tire, resulting in increased wear and an invitation for rust to thrive. PJ1 Blue Label Motorcycle Chain Lube penetrates your chain's O/X/Z-rings, displaces any water or moisture, and dries into a waxy film that stays on the chain and off your motorcycle.

DuPont Teflon Chain-Saver Dry Self-Cleaning Motorcycle Chain Lubricant

A wax base and Teflon make this motorcycle chain lubricant the best for rainy climates.Amazon

If you live in an area where it rains every day during the summer (Florida), then this motorcycle chain lube is for you. DuPont's Chain-Saver Lubricant With Teflon goes on wet and dries into a waxy film that is tacky to the touch. While it feels sticky, it doesn't attract grit and the hydrophobic nature of Teflon means water won't stick, resulting in a longer expected life out of the final drive.