Tested: Motion Pro BeadPro FS Tire Irons

A slick tool for making a tedious job just a little bit easier.

Motion Pro BeadPro FS Tire Irons©Motorcyclist

Motion Pro's BeadPro FS tire irons are an evolution of a toolset that's as old and steadfast as the dead-blow mallet. These levers are made from a familiar material—forged steel, thus the "FS" moniker—but you'll notice the design is different from your grandad's spoons. These 16-inch irons have the normal curved tip at one end, but there's a fork at the end of one lever and an angled finger at the end of the other. The two pieces nest to create a slim wedge that you work between the tire bead and rim shoulder to press the latter off the former. You drive the wedge in then press the levers together so the finger fulcrums on the fork, pushing the tire bead away from the rim. That's where the "BeadPro" part of these irons' name comes from.


I’ve used a lot of methods to get the bead popped off a rim, and while the BeadPros need to be worked backed and forth along a section of bead before the tire is pushed free of the rim, using these irons beats the heck out of, well, beating on the bead with your dead blow, and it’s quicker than spinning on a C-clamp.

Tire irons don’t really wear out, and if you already have a set it’s unlikely you’ll bother buying a replacement pair, but for anyone establishing a tool kit the BeadPros are a good buy. They’re also available in a shorter (9.8-inch) and lighter aluminum version for $20 more, but for street tires you’ll likely want the leverage and strength offered by the forged-steel version. And don’t forget a set of rim protectors to help keep your wheels scratch free.


Price: $55 Contact: motionpro.com


Verdict: Innovative and effective. They make a tedious job just a little bit easier.