Team Honda Legend to Attend Round 6 & 7 of the AMA Vintage Dirt Track National Weekend in Harpursville, NY

Bubba Shobert will be the guest of honor at this years 2011 Larry Weiss Memorial Race weekend at Square Deal Riders in Harpursville, NY on June 24th and 25th. The weekend of vintage flat track racing is a perfect setting for Shobert, who has an amazing 34 Grand National wins to his credit along with three GNC #1 plates.

Shobert, from Lubbock, Texas was an accomplished flat tracker, yet also made the adjustment to pavement and was successful there as well. And, notably, Shobert won the prestigious AMA Grand Slam; winning a race from each discipline in a single season. Most will also remember that Shobert rode for Team Honda in the '80's when a dedicated effort was made by that factory to win dirt track races with guys like Shobert and Ricky Graham aboard their special factory RS-750, 500, and 250 machines. And win they did.

And speaking of RS-750's . . . as of having Bubba for the weekend of fun to bench race wasn't enough, it gets even better. There's a reunion of sorts planned as the folks at Metro Racing have gotten their hands on a factory Honda RS-750 and, well, you can guess the rest! Watch the build of the bike at

The Square Deal Riders always present a short track that is among the best prepared and safest in the country and the show is always great for fans and riders alike.

On the weekend of June 24-25, come see Bubba Shobert, a real RS-750, some great sideways, dirt-flying vintage motorcycle racing and of course the Metro trophy girls. If you like your racing sideways, this event if for you!