Shoei X-Fourteen Helmet Review

The latest high-performance race helmet from Shoei.

Shoei X-Fourteen Brink TC-10 helmet on white background.
The Shoei X-Fourteen Brink TC-10 has an MSRP of $859.99, but online retailers often make them available for a few bucks less.Courtesy of Shoei

The Shoei X-Fourteen is the culmination of a lifelong labor of love by the designers at Shoei, who work diligently to provide the ultimate helmet for motorcycle riders of all types. This particular helmet was designed for use on the racetrack by addressing the demands of the world's fastest racers, so it should come as no surprise to find that it feels as good as it looks.

Aesthetically speaking, the X-Fourteen was designed in the confines of Shoei's wind tunnel with the intention of reducing drag and wind buffeting while increasing the rider's field of vision at the same time. Every angle and crease in the six-ply matrix fiberglass composite shell is purposely placed to help the helmet slip through the wind with very little resistance, so in this case form follows function. It's tough to argue which helmets look the best and all of that subjective point of view, so I will just say that I like the way it looks and that is often the first thing a consumer considers when they are making any gear purchase.

Shoei X-Fourteen Brink TC-10 helmet worn by rider racing on track.
On the track the X-Fourteen provides the comfort you need to stay focused on the next corner, while providing the protection you expect when you are making those hard passes. It’s peace of mind…for your head.Kevin Wing & BMW

Fortunately, the X-Fourteen is built to protect those same racers in case of a crash so safety is a priority, starting with the lightweight shell and trickling down to the latest version of Shoei’s dual-layer multi-density EPS liner. Between the shell and our skull, the EPS liner is our best line of defense with specially designed components that absorb impact and keep the helmet form jostling the rider’s head around too much. The X-Fourteen incorporates the Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS) which allows emergency personnel to gently remove the helmet by using the clearly marked EQRS tabs on each side of the helmet entry port. This is a huge selling point for the rider or racer who likes to be equipped with the gear that provides them the best chance to escape from an accident unscathed.

Shoei X-Fourteen Brink TC-10 back of helmet on white background.
You are looking at one of the most technologically advanced motorcycle helmets that Shoei has ever developed.Courtesy of Shoei

From the first time you slide your head into a new X-Fourteen you’re going to understand why this helmet is so popular. I wear a medium with an oval-shaped head, which is one of the reasons the Shoei fits so well. I’m getting fatter in the face as I get older so the cheek pads squish me a bit, but I’ve always liked a helmet to be tight. I have not had a chance to try the fit with the next thinner face pads, but I have to assume they might be a way to make it feel even better. The removable 3-D Max Dry foam liner system is part of the comfort equation here too. Three components can be custom fit to your specific needs, making the X-Fourteen a great choice for folks with fickle faces.

Shoei X-Fourteen helmet liner on white background.
One of the highlights of the Shoei X-Fourteen helmet is the liner’s being able to be adjusted slightly up or down to provide a slightly better view while you are in full tuck. It’s a nice touch for racers of all levels.Courtesy of Shoei

The final piece of the equation is how well does it work when you’re on a track and spinning past triple-digit speeds while navigating traffic, bending the bike into an endless array of corners and trying to stay comfortable along the way? The short answer is, it works great. A couple of the design features that stand out include the airflow onto the rider’s head and face through the vents that now pass through the liner cheek pads. The field of view at full tuck is excellent, and the helmet stays stable with a noticeable lack of buffeting as I tried to crunch down as far as my belly would allow.

Shoei X-Fourteen Brink TC-10 helmet with vents on white background.
Another nice touch on the X-Fourteen is the vents that allow air to flow through the cheek pads and cool down your face a bit while you’re battling for pole position.Courtesy of Shoei

When my head was hung out in the wind the helmet was very quiet as it poked through the air, lap after lap on the track. On the street it feels even lighter and quieter, obviously speeds are down considerably, so as I poured over my post-ride notes I had highlights that included multiple mentions of the large field of view, stability at 65–80 mph, and overall comfort. Once again, Shoei has delivered an excellent motorcycle helmet design with its latest version of the X-Fourteen. It ticks all the boxes, looks great, feels even better, and whether you are riding on the road or track, it provides a level of protection that justifies its price tag. If you are in the market for a new lid, the best way to come to grips with spending a little extra cash for a premium helmet like the X-Fourteen is this: How much is your head worth?

Verdict: Shoei X-Fourteen
Grade: A
Summary: An excellent helmet for connoisseurs of the sport.
Price: $859.99