Schuberth C3 Modular Helmet | MC Tested

With the alphabet soup of amazing technologies available on today’s motorcycles, why shouldn’t our helmets also represent front-line science? That’s what motivates the engineers at Schuberth, the German company that’s been making helmets since the days when a large spike on top was fashionable.

You've got plenty of modulars/flip-ups to choose from, so how do you justify the C3's near-$700 price? It depends on what you want from your lid. If all you desire is something to keep you on the right side of the law and you aren't picky about weight, noise, comfort or detail, look elsewhere. But if you're after top-line fit and finish in what feels like an impossibly light modular helmet, the C3 is worth a long look. A proprietary "anti-roll-off system" keeps the helmet from rotating forward in a crash. Stout metal pins lock the chinbar in place; an easy-to-use button thumbs it back open. Dual-cable control allows you to lock the inner sun visor in any position—great if you're long of nose and have found other inner visors approximate bologna-slicers. The de rigueur removable/washable liner feels great on the head, and there's an additional pad-roll around the bottom of the shell that helps make this one of the quietest helmets you'll find (a claimed 84 db at 65 mph). My only gripe was the "micro-lock" strap fastener tends to shove the padding to the side and then rub against your throat. YMMV here, but I'd rather have a D-ring.

In the same way we’re demanding bikes that are more than mere conveyances, we’re expecting more from our helmets than mere cranial protection. The C3 is pricey, but it delivers.

|| |---| | Schuberth C3 modular helmet| | Price: $699| | Contact: Schuberth USA | || | **Verdict: **4.5 out of 5 stars| | Quite possibly the best thing you'll ever put on your head.