Ride Along with Michael Dunlop at the Isle of Man TT

Watch as the Superbike rider sets a record-breaking 16’58.254” lap time

Have you ever wondered what it was like to ride in the Isle of Man TT race? Michael Dunlop made history on Saturday on the tiny island in the Irish Sea, completing the 37.73 miles of the TT Course on his Hawk Racing BMW Superbike. Completing a record breaking lap of 16 minutes, 58.254 seconds, Dunlop rode his BMW around the course, tearing past spectators at an average speed of 133.393 mph. Watch this onboard video to experience a lap of the IOMTT, as the stone walls, buildings, and spectators, sometimes only a foot or so off track, enter and exit frame in a blink. Exhilarating!