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Whatever you want to call them—frame sliders, crash bobbins, frame protectors— know that they’re not meant to protect your bike in a violent crash. They’re designed to act as a sacrifcial contact point during low-speed falls and driveway tip-overs.

In a previous Doin’ Time installment on my CBR250R, I discussed installing a set of frame sliders from R&G; Racing. I noted that they were expensive but well made and would presumably “pay for themselves if I ever lowside the bike.” Those words were ringing in my ears as I ran over to the CBR after low-siding during race practice at the Las Vegas Classic Course. The fall sent the Honda skidding across the pavement at about 40 mph, and if it weren’t for the gravel trap, the bike would have sustained zero damage. The deep gravel bent the slider stalk and scratched the tank and bodywork, but the bike was mechanically fne and I was able to ride it back to the pits. There’s no doubt the slider saved the Honda from a more substantial rash.

Many of R&G;’s kits go for around $150, but the CBR250R kit is $330 due to the complicated machined aluminum mounting brackets the Honda’s frame necessitates. But it was worth the money, right? Well… Since the CBR250R is made in Thailand instead of Japan, parts are really cheap. A replacement tank is just $220, and bodywork is about $60 per panel! (As a point of comparison, the CBR1000RR’s main side fairings retail for a bit more than $400 a side, with the tank $619.31.) The R&G; kit didn’t directly pay for itself in this case, but if you own a pricier bike these frame sliders could prevent major damage and save you serious money.


PRICE: $330
CONTACT: Twisted Throttle

VERDICT - 4.5 out of 5 stars
It's not the CBR's fault that it's cheap!