Top 5 Features of the Arai XD-5 Dual Sport Motorcycle Helmet

Here’s the five best features of Arai’s XD-5 dual sport helmet.

After over a decade run, Arai Helmet finally offers a new and upgraded dual sport motorcycle helmet in the form of its XD-5 (read the Arai XD-5 Dual-Sport Helmet Preview 2024 article). Replacing the long-in-the-tooth XD-4 (last updated for 2012), the XD-5 benefits from a host of improvements designed for both streetbike and dirt bike riders. Here are the top five features of Arai’s new and much improved XD-5 dual-sport lid.

  1. Not only is the eyeport larger on this helmet, but the visor has much improved optical clarity, and it now includes a Pinlock insert with this recessed face shield. It’s super easy to change as well.
  2. Ventilation has been increased in this helmet, and it’s really easy to use the vents with gloves. This helmet’s quieter too.
  3. As usual, the liner of this helmet has micro adjustments, so you can tailor the fit to your head shape. You can also opt for thicker or thinner cheek pads as well as top crown to really nail in the fit.
  4. This XD-5 is pretty light. It only weighs 3.65 pounds in size small, and it is really easy to mount your Bluetooth communicator with this helmet.
  5. At last, while this helmet certainly ain’t cheap at $840, the XD-5 is one versatile lid. You can ride it on the street, you can ride it in the dirt, and you can ride it as a dual sport helmet. The visor is easy to remove, as is the peak. It’s quiet, it’s comfortable, and it’s handcrafted in Japan.

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