Renthal R3-3 SRS Road Chain

Renthal introduces a new drive chain engineered specifically for smaller-displacement motorcycles.

Renthal’s new R3-3 SRS Road Chain is engineered specifically for the popular, smaller new bikes ranging in displacement from 300cc to 500cc.Photo: Renthal

Smaller bikes are all the rage right now; just look at the popularity of the Yamaha R3, KTM RC390, Kawasaki Ninja 300 and the multiple 300cc and 500cc options offered by Honda. Even long-time riders fall in love with these bikes, thanks to one compelling reason: Light overall weight, which makes for a more fun and nimble package.

One important Rental feature that carries over to the R3-3 is pre-stretched construction, which reduces the need for adjustment when installing a new chain.Photo: Renthal

In a parallel way, why haul around a heavier drive chain built for 100-plus horsepower when it’s simply not necessary? Scaling in at 3.6 pounds per 100 links, the new R3-3 SRS Road Chain from Renthal shaves 8 percent in weight over their highly respected R4 chain. That yields performance advantages thanks to lower overall mass to brake and accelerate, rotating mass to spin up and slow down, and unsprung mass to improve grip, tire wear and overall handling.

Just like other street bike chains by Renthal, the R3-3 incorporates tough, high-carbon alloy steel pins, plus gold colored side plates for that extra-special look.Photo: Renthal

There's also a price advantage, yet Renthal doesn't skimp on high-end features that include: Nitrile Self Regulating Seals (SRS) that lock in a special vacuum-injected grease around the critical pin and bush areas to extend chain life; tough, high-carbon steel pins; shot-peened side plates for higher strength; pre-stretched construction for fewer chain adjustments; plus gold side plates and copper colored rollers for corrosion resistance and that extra bit of flash.

MSRP for a 114-link R3-3 has been set at a very reasonable $113.95.