Nolan N43 Trilogy Helmet

Nolan’s N43 helmet is essentially six lids in one. It combines the best features of open-face and full-coverage designs. This is accomplished through quick-change accessories that allow you to customize the appearance and function of the helmet to suit your needs.

The most obvious feature of the N43 is its quick-detach Lexan chinbar, which clicks into place using a stainless-steel latch on each side of the helmet. The chinbar is EPS-lined and takes seconds to fit and remove, but rests a little closer to the face than we like. The N43’s external visor is also removable, and despite the shield’s compound curves, optics are distortion-free. It is also rattle-free—a bonus at this price point.

Additionally, the N43 comes with an integrated retractable sun visor operated by a large slider, and is ready to receive Nolan’s N-Com communication system. And if you’re the guy who puts his gloves on before fastening his helmet, you’ll appreciate the seatbelt-style chin-strap buckle.

We made full use of the N43’s versatility while riding full tourers, cruisers and adventure bikes. Regardless of how the helmet was set-up, we appreciated the integral visor every time we rode toward the sun. Employment of the chinbar largely depended on weather conditions and how lucky we were feeling. With all accessories attached, the DOT- and ECE-certified N43 weighs just 3.6 lbs. Wind noise is above average, so wear earplugs. We were pleased with Nolan’s N43, especially since it provides six helmets for the price of one.

Nolan N43 Trilogy Helmet
Price: $299.95
Contact: Nolan
Verdict 4 out of 5 stars
Versatile, functional and affordable.