A Yamaha V Star 250 for the New Guy

As the latest addition to the MC staff, I'm bound to get some extra jabs sent my way. Mr Editor initially threatened me with the prospect of riding a scooter, but soon found out that I like scooters. Baby cruisers on the other hand, not on my wish list. And so it came to be that my next assignment is the artist formerly known as Virago, the Yamaha V Star 250. It's not just a quintessential beginner bike, it's a beginner bike that as far as I know hasn't been changed or significantly updated for, well, most of my 29 years on Earth.

There are two sides to this coin. First and foremost is the undeniable reputation of the V Star 250. It's too eager to speak ill of, too cheap to dismiss, too steadfast to count out, but even with all of those "accolades" it simply isn't cool.

The glass-half-full perspective is that I have an open mind, especially when it comes to motorcycles. I'll try any bike once, whether it's old or new, heavy or light, fast or slow, and I'll find at least a breath of charm worth savoring. I suppose, theoretically, there is a motorcycle out there somewhere so passionless and devoid of effort that it would shatter my whole mantra as a motorcyclist. But I've ridden some real heaps in my time and I haven't lost the spark yet.

For my sake let's hope this isn't the bike, and that my next post doesn't include a pathetic resignation about how I've always loved collecting stamps.