Whatever Happened To... Ascot Park?

Reunion to be held at the L.A. County Fairgrounds

Anyone lucky enough to have ever watched an Ascot Park half-mile knows the greatest names in AMA Grand National dirt-track racing—Gene Romero, Mert Lawwill and Kenny Roberts, to name a few—learned to win there. The weekly racing was so intense, just lining up for an Expert main event was like qualifying for a National anywhere else.

Built on top of an old city dump, Ascot Park closed its gates in 1990, but it’s far from forgotten. To celebrate its spirit, the National Hot Rod Association Motorsports Museum () has offered its Pomona, California, facilities to host a reunion on Saturday, May 12, with famed riders such as Grand Marshall Sammy Tanner, Keith Mashburn, Romero and more.

There will be photography displays, interviews with standout racers and autograph sessions. Original memorabilia will be raffled off, while limited-edition commemorative programs and T-shirts will be on sale. Check the Ascot Flat Track Reunion page on Facebook or visit www.ascotflattrack.com for the latest updates. Admission is just $10, with proceeds to benefit Aid To Injured Riders.

If you're still fired up after all that, the Southern California Flat Track Association will run a special Ascot Tribute Short Track race at Perris Raceway www.perrisflattrack.com the following day. Don't miss it!