NEW Motion Pro BeadPRO

Tire Bead Breaker Levers
ETA August 2012
PART # 08-0519

• Innovative multi-use tire tool set
• Breaks the bead on most street and off road motorcycle tires
• Integrated tire spoons for tire removal and installation
• Light weight and compact size is perfect for tool packs
• Ergonomic handles with crossguard to keep hand from riding forward
• Forged 7075-T6 aluminum construction for strength and durability
• Black anodized finish
• Patent pending

The Bead Pro Tire Tool is an innovative, compact and lightweight tool that makes it a breeze to break tire beads and change tires on the road, trail, or even in the shop. A lot of current tire and wheel combinations, especially some of the tubeless adventure bike assemblies, are difficult change out on the road, and sometimes even in the shop. Modern safety bead designs make it hard to break the bead without large, bulky shop equipment. The patent pending Bead Pro Tire Tool is a must have accessory for dual sport riders, or anybody that needs a surefire and easy way to change or repair tires on the road or trail.

The Bead Pro Tire Tool is a two lever set that incorporates a forked bead breaker feature on one end of each lever that work together to perform the bead breaking function. The other end of each lever has a perfectly contoured tire lever spoon to ease tires off and back on the rim while protecting the tire and rim from damage. The body of each lever has a unique cross guard feature that provides a secure grip on the levers when breaking a bead. The Bead Pro tire lever set is forged from super strong 7075-T6 aluminum and features an attractive black anodized finish with laser engraved markings. The Bead Pro Tire Tool set is sized to fit easily in a travel or tool bag and weighs just 9 ounces.


1. Insert the forked bead breaker between the rim and the tire; make sure that the end of the fork is against the inside of the rim and that the lettering is facing away from the tire and push down.

2. Insert the lever bead breaker into the fork, again making sure that the tip is all the way against the inside of the rim.

3. Squeeze the two levers together while holding them against the rim and push down. On very stubborn tires, it may be necessary to repeat this process along the rim to work the tire bead off the safety bead of the rim.

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Part# 08-0519

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