JIMS® Forceflow Cylinder Head Cooler

[Introducing the new patent pending JIMS ForceFlow Cylinder Head Cooler. Whether you are running a big inch performance engine or rolling stock in traffic on a hot summer day, your air cooled engine will heat up. Excessive heat and operating temperature can be an engines worst enemy. The patent pending JIMS ForceFlow literally forces the heat away from your engine by pushing high velocity air through the cylinder fin pack in a wide flow pattern, directed at the head gasket surface. Powered by a cooling fan that was designed to cool brakes in NASCAR, the JIMS ForceFlow can lower head temperatures up to 100 degrees! The ForceFlow can either be activated by a thermostat (included), or wired for a manual on/off switch. This unique design also relocates the horn inside the ForceFlow's streamlined housing, and gives the horn mount or "left side" of the bike a much needed new look. The ForceFlow comes with all necessary hardware and wiring, and is available in Black or Silver for $420.00 MSRP, or Polished for $450.00 MSRP. For more information look us up at www.jimsusa.com, connect with us on Facebook or call 805-482-6913.

JIMS ForceFlow Heat Testing

[This graph represents the average cylinder head temperature reduction of all JIMS ForceFlow heat testing combined. JIMS tested worse case scenarios by letting engines idle in the sun for over half an hour each, while recording cylinder head temperatures minute-by-minute. The patent pending JIMS ForceFlow Cylinder Head Cooler will help an engine operate and stabilize at lower temperatures, reducing cylinder head temperatures by up to 100 degrees.