Custom Bike Modification (Original Video Series)

Series 2 of modJOBS, an original eight-episode video series, is underway, and this season is centered around the [modification of a 2012 Yamaha V Star 950 motorcycle. Brought to you by eBay Motors and Triad Retail Media, modJOBS Series 2 is hosted by motorcycle industry expert Jessica Prokup, who will work with actor and motorcyclist Hal Sparks to build the custom bike for an eBay Motors charity auction in June, with the bike's proceeds going toward the National Motorcycle Safety Fund, a charitable organization dedicated to the lifelong education of both riders and other roadway users to make a difference in rider safety.

Shot at several locations in the Los Angeles area, including Prokup's Yellow Devil Gear Exchange and the Petersen Automotive Museum, each episode of this modJOBS series will chronicle the various stages of the build.

The Yamaha V Star 950 cruiser is a one-of-a-kind custom bagger, the perfect bike for re-entry riders who are looking to get back on a safe, easily-handled bike again — and it’s a timely modification, given that May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.

Series 1 of modJOBS, hosted by Motor Trend Radio's Alan Taylor, watched as the team customized a 2012 Ford Mustang, which was later auctioned off to support the Patriot Outreach Program.