2015 Suzuki GW250 & GW250F | FIRST LOOK

A Faired Version of Suzuki’s Entry-Level 250

Suzuki’s entry-level GW250 is one of the nine models that sees a refresh for 2015, most notably in the form of a separate model with a full fairing; the GW250F. Keep in mind the 250F is just that, a GW250 with a fairing, and not an all-new bike. Even still, it adds a bit of depth to Suzuki’s line in the burgeoning entry-level segment, which of late has been overshadowed by the other Japanese brands.

The two GWs use the same 248cc liquid-cooled twin as last year, with a seat height of 30.7 inches and a claimed weight of 403 pounds. The standard GW250 gets an update in the form of an available two-tone Candy Red/Black paint scheme in addition to the Pearl Black of 2014’s model, with an MSRP of $4,099. The faired GW250F is available only in black, with a suggested price of $4,499. Both bikes are scheduled to arrive to Suzuki dealers in the first quarter of 2015.