Pilot Everlast Knee Sliders | MC TESTED

Are you looking for a set of pucks that last?

Just as brand-new bikes can come with less-than-ideal tires and suspension, your leathers may come equipped with fast-wearing, ho-hum knee sliders. That's not the case with suits from Pilot Motosport. Like buying a Daytona 675R that nets you Öhlins suspension and track-worthy Pirelli tires, buying a Pilot suit means you'll receive premium race-grade knee pucks right off the rack.

What makes Pilot’s pucks so good? For starters, they have great feel when sliding—enough friction to offer useful feedback but slick enough to glide freely across even the roughest track surface. More importantly than feel is the fact that these pucks last at least two times longer than standard-issue sliders. Hence the “Everlast” moniker. While I might burn through a set of standard-issue pucks in a few trackdays, the Everlasts last me half a season of racing.

Pilot wasn’t willing to reveal much about the construction and makeup of its sliders, but it did divulge that they’re carved from solid blocks of high-grade plastic; you know, just like rearsets and levers are machined from billet aluminum. It’s the same concept here: Machine your product from a block of premium material and you’ll end up with a stronger and more precisely formed item than if it were cast in a mold from molten material. You can actually see the machine marks on a fresh pair of Everlasts.

The Everlasts measure about 7/8-inch thick when new and have a pre-curved shape that ensures a good fit on your leathers—no matter what brand you wear. Yeah, $50 is a lot to pay for a set of pucks, but it’s only a couple bucks more than most other brands, and the Everlasts will last much longer.


Price: $50
Contact: pilotmotosport.com


Verdict: Pricey but worth every penny.