Motorcyclist Father’s Day Gift Guide

What dad wants for his motorcycle.

2017 Father's Day Motorcycle Gifts
Motorcyclist Magazine's 2017 Father's Day Gift GuideAnimated GIF: Ralph Hermens

Dads are as different as the children they raise, and the motorcycles they ride. Maybe your pops is a former racer, with a crooked gait from too many crashes and more war stories than Steven Spielberg. Or he could be the other end of the biker spectrum, ink on his neck and scars from bar fights. More likely, your father figure is somewhere down the scale of characters, a mild-mannered citizen during the week, filing people's taxes and wearing a collared shirt. Maybe that shirt covers up the tattoos he got when he was a young buck—who's to say? Not us.

The point is, we might not know your dad but we know the joy he gets when he takes off down the road or trail on his motorcycle. That’s universal. And if you’re reading this it means you want to make him smile this summer with a gift for his two-wheel life. Father’s Day is the perfect reason to dote on dad, so pick one (or more) of these products below and you’ll surely be the favorite child, sibling, or family member.

Motonation AGV Sport
AGV Sport’s Element jacket has old-school looks but packs the latest safety features.Photo: AGV Sport

AGV Sport Element Jacket
If he enjoys the ol' two-lane two-step as much as we do, he'll want to have a nice leather jacket. The Element from AGV Sport will put 1mm of cowhide between dad and the asphalt, along with vents for warm days, CE-certified armor, and subtle reflective strips to keep him safe after dark. It's a lot of jacket for $300 and looks sharp, too.

Motorcycle Trivia book
Knowledge and entertainment all rolled into one book.Photo: Amazon Books

365 Days of Motorcycle Trivia Book
If there's something dads love more than motorcycles, it's knowing everything. This collection of moto-facts is billed as, "360 days-worth of $#!+ you don't need to know, four days-worth of stuff that is somewhat useful to know, and one entry that's absolutely essential." What could be a better $13 companion to your dear old dad than this? Where he chooses to read it, that's up to him.
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Eagle Rider tour
Is dad tiring of his usual ride routes? Eagle Rider can put him on a bike in any number of far-flung destinations.Photo: Eagle Rider

Eagle Rider Sturgis Motorcycle Tour
Maybe you forgot Father's Day last year? To make it up to him, you could splurge on this multi-day ride from Denver to Sturgis aboard an Eagle Rider fleet bike. The package is on sale now, and includes a Harley-Davidson or an Indian V-twin motorcycle and five nights of hotel stays to get dad in on the Sturgis action. A cool $1,770 gets him on his way toward a week of fun, and you can always add a day or two.

Moto flashlight
Flashlights have come a long way in the past 10 years. The Fenix UC30 offers the latest LED technology in slender package.Photo: Fenix

Fenix UC30 Flashlight
Is dad still rocking an old incandescent flashlight? Bring him up to date with the latest LED torch from Fenix. The UC30 is small—so it fits in a pocket, toolbox, or under the seat of the bike—yet packs some serious lumens. 960 lumens in Turbo mode, or less light (and more run time) in one of the other three modes. Power comes from a rechargable lithium-ion battery (included) and the anodized-aluminum housing is waterproof to six feet. This is a rugged light, well worth the $61 cost of admission.
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Kershaw knife
Kershaw’s SpeedSafe opening system is the closest thing to a switchblade you can get. It makes for quick, easy, one-handed operation.Photo: Kershaw Knives

Kershaw Dividend Pocket Knife
A quality pocket knife is one of those items dad might not buy for himself, but you better believe he'll appreciate it. And Kershaw knows how to design a functional knife. The Dividend is one of many lightweight (2.8 ounces), medium-size (4.25 inches closed) knives with SpeedSafe assisted opening, making it ideal for one-handed use. It's $40, made in the USA, and the aluminum handle is just waiting to have dad's name engraved on it.
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hydration backpack
Make sure your dad stays hydrated on his next ride with the Kriega Hydro-3.Photo: Kriega

Kriega Hydro-3 Backpack
Washing down a quick hit of ibuprofen or a One-a-Day Mens in the middle of a ride is going to require Poppa Bear to have a little water on hand. Nothing beats the convenience of a hydration pack, and British company Kriega knows packs better than most. The Hydro-3 Enduro backpack ($140) holds, you guessed it, 3 liters of Metamucil-mixed water and holds on tight to the torso with a sturdy sternum clip. Wear it on a long freeway day or bopping around trails on a dirt bike—a bungee loop will hold extra items, and a 10-year guarantee has dad's back.

Magnetic pickup tool for motorcycles
Motion Pro takes the “magnet on a stick” to the next level.Photo: Motion Pro

Motion Pro Magnetic Pick-Up Tool
Dropping nuts and bolts into the nooks and crannies of a motorcycle can make you want to tear your hair out. And not only is that not fun, but dad might not have much more hair left to lose! Give dad this new magnetic pick-up tool from Motion Pro and he'll thank you every time he uses it to rescue some bodywork bolt from a belly pan. It's got a flexible 18-inch neck topped by a powerful magnet that's perfect for plucking parts from hard-to-reach places. Seriously, this tool (or something similar) is a toolbox essential for motorcyclists. And, at $15, it's an affordable buy.

Waxed cotton jacket for motorcycles
A hybrid leather-and-waxed-cotton design with a true vintage style will have your dad looking stylish on your next ride together.Photo: Roland Sands Design

Roland Sands Design Truman Waxed-Cotton Jacket
The style-conscious dad will look handsome in the vintage-inspired Truman jacket by Roland Sands Design. It's a lightweight garment constructed from oiled Dakota leather and waxed cotton, two materials that look and feel better over time. The Truman is reinforced at the abrasion areas and can be fitted with armor at the back, shoulders, and elbows. Available in Black or Ranger (brown) with a price of $300.

Sata paint gun for motorcycles
The SataJet 4000B Digital is a production-quality gun favored by many custom painters.Photo: Brian Hatano

SataJet 4000B Digital Paint Gun
For the father who dabbles in the spray booth, any pick from the Sata line of high-performance spray guns will put a smile on his face. The SataJet 4000B Digital model is lighter than previous models with superb balance and low center of gravity for improved handling. It's also the gun of choice of Digital Editor Brian Hatano, who painted one of Jay Leno's bikes with one back in his custom-painting days. The 4000B produces a soft, even spray pattern that is ideal for factory color matching or application of custom finishes. MSRP of $990 puts it in the pricier category but your dad deserves the best, right?
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Motorcycle pliers
The Vampliers concave jaws make them perfect for gripping screw heads that won’t come out the old-fashioned way.Photo: Vampliers

Vamplier Pliers
If you've got a pragmatic dad who likes to work with his hands, a set of Vampliers is an ideal gift. These pliers cost more than a generic set from Sears, but they'll also outperform everything else in the category, and feel good in your hands doing it! They're made in Japan and top-quality, with built-in features that make them ideal for everyday use and especially awesome for removing stripped screws. Executive Editor Ari Henning evaluated a pair for an MC Tested a few years ago, and he still has a set in his toolbox and swears by them. Pick a pair up for dad for just $30.
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