Motorcycle Running Lights You Can Dim

See and be seen with these new illuminators!

Sevina ($1,049) casts approximately 80 percent of the 7,500 lumens that the LEDs produce in an 8-degree-wide pencil beam.Julia LaPalme

Glenn Stasky knows that seeing the road ahead is just as important as being seen on the road. The self-proclaimed “science geek who also played sports” studied physics and later worked for two large car-audio companies. After he was forced to close his own loudspeaker business, Stasky was reflecting on life while riding his motorcycle one evening in Colorado.

“It was starting to get dark,” he recalled. “An oncoming car flashed its lights at me. In addition to my high beams, I had big, bright HID lights. I turned them off until I passed the car, and when I turned them back on, I saw a dead deer in the road with a bunch of other deer standing around it. I hit one of the deer at 80 mph, but I didn’t crash.

“I pulled over, gave thanks, and said, ‘This is my new business.’ I didn’t like the idea that I couldn’t dim my lights—they were either all or nothing. My audio background told me to add a ‘volume’ control so that I could dim the lights to an acceptable level to prevent the night blindness that occurs when you completely turn off your lights.”

Stasky returned home to California and founded Clearwater Lights. That dimming feature has become his signature. “We really wanted to have the ability to adjust them from a conspicuity light to a fog light to a driving light to even a long-distance light. As we’ve developed the line, we’ve even made different models with different beam patterns for different applications.”

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