Motorcycle Gear for the Summer

Cool apparel that tells hot weather to chill

Summer is in full swing, and high temperatures can make life miserable on a motorcycle. While it’s tempting to ride in comfortable-yet-inappropriate attire, we stand by the notion that we’d rather sweat than bleed. Thankfully, there is specialized apparel designed to help you avoid both scenarios.

Joe Rocket Cleo 2.0

Mesh jackets let you enjoy the wind without leaving you vulnerable to road rash. Joe Rocket offers a variety of affordable textile mesh jackets including several options for women. The Cleo 2.0 rings in at an affordable $159.99 and boasts a full mesh torso and vented sleeves with CE-approved elbow and shoulder armor, subtle-yet-attractive graphics and adjustment straps to help tailor the fit to the feminine form.

Fly Racing Vest

To change from liquid to vapor, water must absorb energy that is then carried away with the gaseous molecules. Fly Racing’s evaporative cooling vest utilizes that principle of physics and works to supplement your body’s natural cooling system. The quilted vest is filled with water-absorbent polymers that remain hydrated for several hours. Pick one up for $39.95 and wear it in conjunction with a mesh jacket to keep your core cool on hot days.

Agv T-2 Helmet

Besides its light weight, the AGV T-2’s most impressive feature is its amazing ventilation. The dual brow and chin vents and four rear extractor vents move a massive amount of air over your scalp to keep your head cool in hot weather. Since you may still sweat, the lid is lined with removable and washable moisture-wicking CoolMax. The T-2 also comes with an anti-fog visor and removable nose curtain for use in cooler conditions. It’s available in solid colors and a variety of graphics starting at $449.99.

Nalgene Draft Pack

The blazing sun, searing air and a sizzling-hot bike coupled with insufficient fluid intake is a recipe for dehydration and all its symptoms: dizziness, headache and fatigue. Keep hydrated without having to take off your helmet with Nalgene’s $69.99 Draft Pack. The articulated bite valve is easy to snake under your helmet’s chin bar and the magnetic retention clip keeps the hose handy while you ride. The pack holds a 3-liter bladder and has provisions for an iPod and 365 cubic inches of cargo: plenty of room for a tire-repair kit plus snacks.

Roadgear Adaptive Tec Shirt

Talk about trickle-down technology! The PCM (Phase Change Material) used in Roadgear’s $189.99 Adaptive Tec shirt is descended from materials developed to protect astronauts from extreme temperature fluctuations. The liner is packed with millions of micro- capsules that absorb, store and release heat to help stabilize the wearer’s body temperature. It’s impressive technology that makes for an excellent four-season base layer.

Alpinestars Back Protector

When the mercury is rising, it’s easy to ration-alize not wearing all your protective apparel, especially tight-fitting items like a back protector. The Bionic Air back protector from Alpinestars is made from perforated panels and a honeycomb internal energy-absorbing foam that offers excellent breathability without skimping on protection. The $119.95 piece is thin and flexible yet exceeds the latest safety standards to provide crucial protection for the central back as well as the kidneys.

Agv Sport Veloce Gloves

A pair of vented summer gloves should be part of every rider’s wardrobe. Hewn from premium cowhide, the $54 Veloces are comprehensively perforated to optimize airflow and eliminate that clammy feeling associated with sweaty palms. While many gloves have perforated tops, the Veloces boost breathability with holes punched in the palms and sides of the pre-curved fingers.


Dehydration poses a serious threat to your health during the hot summer months, but water alone isn’t enough to keep your body content. Motortabs are a convenient way to turn plain water into an electrolyte-packed sports drink. Each tablet delivers 250 milligrams of sodium, 75mg of potassium, 16 grams of carbohydrate and 65 calories. Motortabs are sold 24 to a box in assorted flavors for $27.95, and are perfect for dropping into hydration packs.

Rs Taichi Delta Shoes

Airflow is the key to keeping your feet cool, and no legitimate footwear we’ve seen offers better exposure to the breeze than RS Taichi’s new Delta shoes. These kicks provide unparalleled comfort and airflow by way of leather and mesh chassis stitched to sturdy Vibram soles. Protective PVC is found in all abrasion areas and there are Velcro straps to keep the laces from hanging up on your shift lever. The Deltas are available in standard colors as well as attention-grabbing purple and green for $139.95.

Just because your lady wants to stay cool doesn’t mean she can’t look hot. Alicia demonstrates.