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Build Your Own V7 II

In conjunction with the release of its updated V7 model line (now called the V7 II), Moto Guzzi also added more than 60 accessories to its catalog. In addition to roughly tripling its suite of add-ons, Guzzi faithful can now purchase kits to create an array of "custom" V7 models.

Take, for example, the Scrambler kit (pictured above), which includes 18 accessories designed to take your V7 II from run-of-the-mill to fun-up-a-hill. Obvious additions are the knobby tires, high exhaust, and off-road footpegs, with a handful of “satin finish” aluminum bits completing the look. We haven’t ridden the V7 II yet, but we’re guessing off-road results will vary.

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The V7 II moniker means an updated gearbox, now with a sixth gear and shorter final drive, lower footpegs and seat (25mm and 15mm respectively), and an engine that has been tilted forward and lowered, in the hope of giving taller riders more knee room. There have also been modifications to the clutch linkage for a “more even release,” which some would say was overdue.

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