Metzeler has announced it will expand its cruiser line with the new Cruisetec tire, a higher-performance option for V-twin riders than its Marathon rubber currently available. The Cruisetec aims to improve handling and road feel on new and old machines, and is chock-full of new design features to make that happen.

Designers started from the ground up, developing a new dual compound for the Cruisetec to specifically address the needs of V-twin motorcycles. This compound provides better cornering feel, improved braking and stability, and better wet-weather performance. A revised tread pattern also complements the Cruisetec’s wet-weather chops.

Metzeler Cruisetec tires on the road
Metzeler wants to give V-twin riders high levels of performance in 2019 with its new Cruisetec tire.Metzeler

Ultimately, this is Metzeler’s attempt to make the riding experience more enjoyable all around for V-twin riders. Lines will be easier to hold through the corners, transitions will be more smooth, and tire life is promised to be long and performance to be consistent throughout the usable life of the Cruisetec. Metzeler also asserts it designed the rubber to optimize performance in situations where electronic rider aids will come into play, things like ABS, traction control, and the like.

The Cruisetec sits atop Metzeler’s cruiser and touring line now in terms of performance, with the ME 888 Marathon Ultra slotting in below as an all-rounder. Finally, there’s the ME 77 Perfect, Metzeler’s vintage-inspired tire aimed at the custom bike segment.

Metzeler Cruisetec tire
A new dual compound, tread pattern, and carcass help to enhance handling, stability, and wet-weather performance.Metzeler

Metzeler will offer a broad range of sizes for the Cruisetec when it comes to market January 2019. That includes sizes for 16, 17, 18, 19, and 21-inch front wheels and 16, 17, and 18-inch rear wheels.

Metzeler Cruisetec tires
The new Cruisetec will be available starting January 2019 in a wide variety of sizes.Metzeler

Here are the specifics, courtesy of Metzeler:


  • MT90B-16 TL 72H
  • 130/90B-16 TL REINF 73H
  • 150/80-16 TL 71H
  • 130/80B-17 TL 65H
  • 130/70R-18 TL 63H
  • 130/60B-19 TL 61H
  • 100/90-19 TL 57H
  • 120/70ZR-19 TL (60W)
  • 110/90-19 TL 62H
  • MH90-21 TL 54H
  • 120/70B-21 REINF TL 68H


  • MU85B-16 TL 77H
  • 180/65B-16 REINF TL 81H
  • 150/80B-16 REINF TL 77H
  • 130/90B-16 REINF TL 73H
  • 180/70B-16 TL 77H
  • 180/60R-16 REINF TL 80H
  • MT90B-16 TL 74H
  • 200/55R-16 TL 77H
  • 160/70B-17 REINF TL 79V
  • 200/55R-17 TL 78V
  • 180/55B-18 REINF TL 80H
  • 240/40VR-18 TL (79V)
  • 180/55ZR-18 TL (74W)
  • 150/70B-18 REINF TL 76H
  • 260/40VR-18 TL (84V)

Keep your eyes peeled for the new Cruisetec tires from Metzeler this coming year if you need to up your V-twin game for the 2019 riding season.