MC Tested: Rokker Revolution Waterproof Motorcycle Jeans

These aren’t your daddy’s Levis 501s.

Rokker Revolution waterproof motorcycle jeansJulia LaPalme

These aren’t your daddy’s Levis 501s, even if they were tailored to fit like the classic American dungarees. The Revolution jeans from Rokker, a Swiss boutique apparel company, are the best riding jeans I’ve ever worn. They’re also the most expensive pants I’ve ever put my legs in—a pair of these Revolution jeans will set you back $550.

If you’re reeling from that knockout of a price tag, take a moment to consider that the Rokkers are hewn entirely from abrasion-resistant Schoeller Denim-Dynatec fabric, so every inch of the pants offers protection from the pavement. These jeans also come with low-profile CE-approved D30 armor at the knees and hips, and they’re waterproof. I had my doubts, too, but a test ride through a proper El Niño downpour verified that the Rokkers are as weather resistant as an otter’s coat.

The reason the Rokkers are waterproof—and presumably part of the reason they’re so damn expensive—is the C-change membrane that’s laminated to the back of the Dynatec chassis. C-change is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and reactive. Pores in the membrane expand or contract based on your skin temperature, which helps sweat evaporate in hot weather. Compared to other reinforced riding jeans I’ve worn (none of which claimed to be waterproof), the Rokkers are substantially thinner and lighter, and they’re also more comfortable in a wider range of conditions. Sure, they’ll keep your lower half completely dry in the rain, but they also keep you cooler in the blazing August sun.

In short, the Revolutions offer great protection and classic style, plus features that are seemingly mutually exclusive. In my opinion the Rokkers are a sweet enough package to warrant a premium price. Whether or not they’re worth $550 is up to you.

Rokker Revolution Waterproof Jeans
Price: $550
VERDICT: Classic dungaree style with cutting-edge safety and comfort features. The Rokkers take riding jeans to a whole new level of performance.