Rev'It! Ultra Motorcycle Gloves | MC TESTED

Holland has more to offer than wooden motorcycle boots, the Rev'It Ultra Gloves, for example.

When we think of Holland we envision clogs and windmills, not technology-laden, high-style motorcycle apparel. So when we heard that Rev'It! motorcycle gear is designed in the land of the windmill, we admittedly had some trouble getting past the whole "you people still fashion shoes from wood" prejudice. Luckily, we tested a pair of the latest Rev'It! gloves while touring Europe recently and formed our own visual.

Sticking our digits into the thin, race-inspired Ultra glove was instant nirvana; the soft leather fit us like a second skin throughout our tour of Spain, and proved easy on the palms. The Ultra starts with the same carbon-fiber shell as the company's more race-focused gloves, and covers it in grade-A leather for solid protection without high-tech accoutrements.

A single gauntlet slips under your jacket sleeve, while Pittards leather in the palm and silicone fingertips help you get your grip on. The styling is stealthy, too; even the locals at the Valencia GP commented on our sleek black units. Problem was, they liked them so much that when we came back out to the bike after a snack, the Ultras were missing.

We'll have to get a new pair for around $100, and keep an eye on them this time. You? You can get more info at

Price: $100
Verdict: Subtle form, stellar function

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