Motorcyclist Tested: Oberon Adjustable Handlebar Clamp Mirror For Motorcycles

A Sleek and Stylish Accessory That's as Appropriate on Your Commuter as it is on Your Next Custom Build

Oberon bar clamp mirror for motorcycles
While not exactly cheap, Oberon's clamp-on mirror is as stunning is it is useful.©Motorcyclist

With the resurgence of simplistic designs becoming increasingly popular in today's market, finding a favorable option to replace a somewhat mundane component—say your mirrors—isn't exactly the most difficult thing to do. The unfortunate side to this equation, however, is that the assurance of quality isn't always on the forefront of companies' minds.

Enter the subtle yet effective adjustable clamp mirror offered by the UK-based company Oberon. Installation is relatively pain free; the mounting bracket slides on the end of your handlebars and is secured via a hidden setscrew wherever desired. Adjustments to the mirror are made by loosening three small screws that hold a locking ring around a pivoting ball joint, yielding an impressive range of motion. The viewing face features chromed glass and is not magnified, allowing for a more accurate depth of field.

While not exactly cheap, Oberon's clamp-on mirror is as stunning is it is useful. A machined aluminum design and an elegant anodized finish (available in either silver or black) complements the characteristics of a wide assortment of different bikes. The small viewing face allows for a surprisingly large field of view, and the mirror stalk itself can be swept along a 220-degree arc so as to position it comfortably out of the way of the occasional contact with surrounding traffic.

The Oberon adjustable clamp mirror has proven to be dependable, offering commendable durability as well as resistance to being rattled loose from engine vibration. Customer service and parts support is paramount, with the assurance that all claims will be handled effectively and in a timely fashion.


Price: £65.98 (about $98.50 USD)


As stylish and well-built as it is functional.