Cars 3 Themed RPHA11 Helmets from HJC

Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm helmets will soon be hitting the streets

HJC Helmets is continuing to bring a different variety of helmet graphics to the streets. Since Cars 3 will be in theaters June 16, HJC Helmets will follow that up with Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm graphics that will hit retailers in September.

HJC Helmets Lightning McQueen graphic
The Lightning McQueen helmet features the #95, lightning bolts, and even team sponsors of the Cars 3 character.Photo: HJC Helmets

When the first Cars movie came out in 2006, Lightning McQueen was a favorite among fans, and so HJC added the iconic #95 with bright red colors and yellow lightning bolts to the RPHA 11 helmet which, like the character it is race-designed.

HJC Helmets RPHA 11 Jackson Storm Helmet Graphics
A carbon fiber shell wraps the Jackson Storm RPHA 11 helmet as does the sleek blue accents and metallic flecks.Photo: HJC Helmets

In addition to Lightning McQueen, HJC will also release a Jackson Storm helmet. Jackson Storm is the poster child of the Next Generation elite racers, who will challenge Lightning McQueen's place in the racing world. Jackson Storm is a character who represents the peak of real-time technology and innovation, so HJC put a twist on the RPHA 11 and will present Jackson Storm on a carbon fiber shell. The helmet will be bedecked with sleek deep blue accents, fast lines, and metallic flecks.

If you missed the debut of the Lightning McQueen and Jackson Storm helmets at Le Mans during the HJC helmets Grand Prix de France on May 19-21, you will also be able to see them at Road America on June 2-4.

Available in sizes XS-XXL. DOT/ECE approved.

RPHA 11 Pro (DOT/ECE) Lightning McQueen
Price: $599.99

RPHA 11 Pro (DOT/ECE) Jackson Storm (Carbon Fiber)
Price: $749.99