LA Calendar Motorcycle Show Weekend And Calendar Girl Music Festival

Los Angeles, CA July 10th - Beautiful Calendar Motorcycle Show Hostess, Playboy Playmate and Calendar Kitten Tamara Witmer will again be joined by the incredibly talented singer songwriter Kari Kimmel at the CBS Radio Studios in Los Angeles of KLSX 97.1 FREE FM at 9:30am Pacific Time, Tuesday July 10th for a live interview and musical perfomance on the Adam Corola and Danny Bonaduce Morning Show. The radio show is the number one morning talk show in the Los Angles market and is now syndicated nationaly, so will be featured live on FM radio across America!!! Our girls will do a full 20 minute live segment trading wit and barbs with the two comedy shock jocks, in a no holds barred lipstick smack down guaranteed to leave the comedy bad guys whimpering like little boys. Kari will be singing live from her newly released CD "A Life in the Day" to promote her on stage performance both days, along with a half dozen other sexy gitl bands and dance shows at the upcoming LA Calendar Motorcycle Show Weekend and Calendar Girl Music Festival July 14-15th 2007 at the Queen Mary Event Park in Long Beach, CA. The LA Calendar Motorcycle Show Weekend, now in its 16th year is the premier custom, cruiser and performance street motorcycle show in America. Complete Bike Show details are online at

If you are not in an Adam Corola and Danny Bonaduce market or the 97.1 FREE FM Los Angeles listening area you can still listen to the show online on the station's website at

Calendar Kitten and Bike Show hostess Tamara Witmer (left) was live with Kari Kimmel (right) on the 97.1 FM microphones last week on the night time Conway and Whitman Show, now they will return to do Adama Corola and Danny Bonaduce in the morning on Tuesday July 10th at 9:30 am PT.