Keith Code's new "A Twist of the Wrist II" DVD released

A guaranteed performance upgrade in a stocking-sized package.

This month, right in time for holiday wish lists, sees the release of the long-awaited training DVD from Keith Code, "A Twist of the Wrist II". Filmed in HiDef and utilizing visual effects and sophisticated film making techniques, the 95-minute film brings Code's best-selling book to life in a clear and dynamic way, covering multiple aspects of the technical points he discovered.

The film follows the journey of two new riders, from canyon roads to track, as they encounter their own limitations and uncertainties in their riding and then learn to overcome them with the correct techniques that apply in each scenario. They gain confidence and control, start to have more fun and improve.

"My primary objective in this DVD was to communicate to riders that there is a definite technology to riding. The bike wasn't designed by opinions or good advice and riding is the same, there are technical points that need to be understood. That's the message and focus of this film." says Code.

"Once a rider gets the idea there is a technology then and only then can he conquer his fears and uncertainties on cornering and at that point improvement is virtually unlimited".

The film delivers precision techniques for barriers to cornering such as rider input, fundamentals on steering, visual skills, braking, body position, throttle control and more.

All the techniques are thoroughly explored using multiple camera angles, onboard shots and CG animation in over 1400 shots.

"If a guy could just watch someone doing a good job of riding and learn, all he'd have to do is watch Rossi closely and he should be able to ride like him, you can see what he's doing and where, very clearly - but it just doesn't work like that. I realized early on in this project every technique needed to be covered visually in MANY different ways to really show it so that it could be understood and that's what we set out to do". Says Code.

"It was painstaking, precision work that paid off, this film shows riding technique in ways that have never been done before."

The film is available for purchase from the film's website Watch clips and read more about the making of the film.

Keith Code founded the California Superbike School in 1980 and has taught numerous championship winning riders. As of 2009 riders who have been trained either at his schools or by him personally have won upwards of 50 world and national racing championships. His teachings have spread all over the world with the California Superbike School operating at over 90 tracks in more than 15 countries and training over 150,000 riders.

"The way Keith breaks it down for you, in a simple way, you get a real understanding of what you're doing when you're riding a bike. This understanding and knowledge is the key - it's given me the freedom to try new things and know I can fix ANYTHING I'm having trouble with in my riding. The real proof that these techniques work is the immediate improvement I see in my riding and my lap times."
- Leon Camier, British Superbike and Supersport Champion.