Jeff Chaput's 2015 Triumph Bonneville Newchurch

A new Brit bike with the classic look, and modern reliability.

Jeff Chaput and Triumph Bonneville Newchurch
Jeff Chaput and his 2015 Triumph Bonneville Newchurch.Photo by Jeff Chaput

NAME: Jeff Chaput
AGE: 55
HOME: Old Chatham, NY
OCCUPATION: Signsman by trade

I've been riding since the early '70s when I'd "borrow" my older brother’s 250 Yamaha Enduro. I'd ride around the neighborhood and dirt trails when he was working. He never mentioned the gas usage or extra dents, but would ask me to clean it once in awhile. I just loved the excitement of the freedom afforded by that machine. Over the years I've owned cruisers, touring bikes and plenty of fixer-uppers that I called sports bikes. I would buy older bikes, like XS650s, R/750s, CB350- CB175 and work on them during the winters. I was always just trying to get that LOOK of those older Brit bikes. Some 40 years later I finally bought a Brit bike with that look I so badly wanted: a 2015 Triumph Bonneville NewChurch. It runs, doesn't leak, and the lights work at night!

After riding a sport touring bike as my main ride, I grew tired of all the tech and weight. I found myself wanting to get back to that freedom I had on that old Yamaha. No electric windscreen, heated grips and seat, etc. Don't get me wrong; that stuff is great, but I wanted simplicity again. I had thought about putting together another XS650, but when I saw the Bonnie, I had to have it. It was an itch that had to be scratched no matter how hard I ignored it. So last December, I got it and love the look and the simplicity of it. No bags, no shield, just the wind in my face and bug guts on my jacket.