How To Tell If You Need New Motorcycle Tires

Three Reasons Why Your Tires Might Be Toast

Tread, sidewalls, beads… [Tires][] appear pretty simple, but there’s a lot going on under that smooth black exterior. Your tires are the only things connecting your motorcycle to the road, so it’s critical that they’re in good condition. You already check your tire pressures regularly (you do, don’t you?), but how often do you inspect your buns to make sure they’re road worthy? And do you know what factors determine when a tire is toast?

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In this video from the [MC Garage][], Senior Road Test Editor [Ari Henning][] will explain how to tell if your tires need to be swapped out for fresh rubber. Wear is the most common reason, but damage and age can also be grounds for replacement, and Henning gives examples of each scenario. Knowing how to inspect your tires and replacing them at the right time is critical to both safety and performance, so watch the video and get educated!