Revealed: Honda’s CB500X and NC700X ADV Adventure Bikes for 2016

Honda announces that the NC700X and CB500X will receive “important updates” along with aggressive new styling for 2016.

Honda promises "important updates" for the 2016 NC700X and CB500X pictured below.©Motorcyclist

Two more Honda X models returning for 2016 are the NC700X and CB500X, both with styling makeovers and other "important" updates, based on the short description provided to us. Based on the teaser images from Honda, the most obvious change are the taller windscreens on both models. As for the rest of the changes, we'll have to wait until the U.S. debut in November at the Long Beach International Motorcycle Shows stop to get a better look.

A look at the 2016 dash and integrated storage tank of the 2016 NC700X.©Motorcyclist

2016 NC700X
Popular with a disparate range of riders, the versatile NC700X gets exciting new styling for 2016, making for an aggressive, adventure-ready look. A 70mm higher windscreen reduces fatigue when riding at high speeds, and the new, smaller muffler has an improved sound and is lighter in weight. Luggage capacity has been increased by over .25 gallons to 5.8, and the taillight is now LED. The NC700X is offered with standard and automatic DCT transmissions, and for 2016, the DCT version now has three different sport-mode settings in addition to the standard mode, enabling riders to select shift points that suit riding style of preference. Ready for everything from urban commuting to carving twisty canyon roads, the 2016 Honda NC700X will make its world debut during the Tokyo Motor Show at month's end.

The taller windscreen is easily spotted but we'll have to wait until the US debut in Long Beach to see what else is new.©Motorcyclist
Front view of the 2016 CB500X©Motorcyclist

2016 CB500X
Light, nimble, affordable and fun, the CB500X is beloved for its ability to inject everyday rides with a spirit of adventure. For 2016, the inspirational CB500X receives a new LED headlight and taillight, as well as a taller windscreen and a hinged fuel cap. The fork now has external preload adjusters, while the front brake lever can be adjusted to fit different hand-sizes. Finally, changes to the transmission make for smoother-feeling gear changes. Like the NC700X, the updated CB500X will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show.