Harley-Davidson Speed Record | 100 Miles An Hour Attained In Competition!

Harley-Davidson First Motorcycle to Achieve this Distinction!

From the March 1921 issue of Motorcyclist magazine

The swiftly spinning wheels of the Harley-Davidson wrote unprecedented motorcycle history on the boards of the Fresno, (Cal.) one mile speedway on Washington’s birthday.

They added the most brilliant paragraph to two-wheeled annals by exceeding 100 miles an hour in competition for the first time anywhere.

Otto Walker literally tore mighty holes through the atmosphere and captured first in all four events. Walker, with his team-mates, carried the Harley-Davidson colors to magnificent victory taking nine of twelve places and exceeding the world’s records for 1, 5, 10 and 50 miles!

One Mile

Time for Distance. M.P.H *Otto Walker Harley-Davidson 33 2/ 5 sec. 107.78 Albert Burns 4 2/ 5 sec. 104.65

Ten Miles

*Walker’s time for the 10 miles exceeds the world’s record. In this event, Walker also made a mile in 33 1/5 second and 5 miles in 2:52 2/ 5, new time for these distances.

*Otto Walker Harley-Davidson 5:48 103.44 Albert Burns Jim Davis

Fifteen Miles

*Walker’s time for the above event is the best ever made by a motorcycle in 15 miles. No international record for this distance.

*Otto Walker Harley-Davidson 8:37 2/5 104.37 Ralph Hepburn Harley-Davidson Ray Weishaar Harley-Davidson

Fifty Miles

*Walker’s time for 50 miles exceeds the world’s record.

*Otto Walker Harley-Davidson 29:34 3/ 5 101.43 Ralph Hepburn Harley-Davidson Fred Ludlow Harley-Davidson

Application has been filed with the Federation Internationale des Clubs Motorcyclistes for recognition of the above new marks as world’s records.

Otto Walker “did it with a motorcycle”