GEICO Endurocross Series ends on a high note in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS (Nov. 20) -- The 2011 GEICO Endurocross Series ended with a sell-out crowd cheering on the world's best riders Saturday night at the Orleans Arena.

For the second year in a row, both of Team GEICO's top riders -- Geoff Aaron and Kyle Redmond finished the seven-race circuit in the top 10. Aaron, a 10-time National Trials Champion, was fourth overall, while Kyle Redmond earned the No. 7 position.

"For our first year on Hondas I think things went pretty well," said Aaron, who hails from Bailey, Colo. "It was a big adjustment and we're working from the platform of a really great motocross bike that we then have to adjust to meet the demands of Endurocross, and we certainly came a long way. Things will only get better from here."

The year was dominated by Poland's Taddy Blazusiak, who won every race en route to his third straight title. Blazusiak's commanding performance left all the other riders searching for answers as to how to catch the talented pro.

"He's definitely one of the best, if not the best, enduro riders in history," Redmond said. "He also has the best bike out here, so we can see what we need to do to catch him. I look forward to working with the Honda engineers on making these bikes more specific for what we need. They've been a great partner to the team and I know how much they want to win, which is really exciting for the future of our sport and the GEICO Honda race team."

In an effort to put the top stars of the sport in front of the crowd as much as possible, race organizers built two main events into Saturday's card. Redmond and Aaron showed better in the second main, taking fifth and sixth, respectively. Several pile-ups limited both men in the first main, where they finished ninth and 10th overall.

"I actually broke the case in the first race and I was leaking oil the entire time," Aaron said. "I thought about stopping altogether but I knew every point I could earn would be important in the end. I just had to nurse the bike around.

"Aside from Taddy, everyone kind of rode the same pace in both mains. Once the start would shake-out, you just kind of rode where you were. It was a very fun course, but tight and hard to pass. It really took someone else making a mistake for you to have an opportunity. There were some guys being overly aggressive at the starts and pushing the action, and ultimately that set the order."

Redmond, who was limited by injuries suffered in an accident early in the year, was satisfied with his riding, although he admits to wanting more.

"It seems like I was playing catch-up all year," Redmond said. "I think at one point I was 18th or 19th in the points, so to finish seventh is something I'm pretty proud of. It was a struggle but a lot of fun."

The 2012 schedule features eight events, starting with a May 4th date back at the Orleans Arena.