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Comfort ahead of buckle count.

For the past nine months, Tour Master's Solution 2.0 boots have been my go-to, use-every-day moto footwear. I've toured in them, gone sport riding in them, and they have been on my feet for the vast majority of my 60-mile-a-day commute. They've been hot, they've been cold, they've been dry, and they've been wet. That's a lot to ask of $130 boots.

And yet the Solutions performed well. Part of the reason they were always on my feet is that they're amazingly comfortable. These are touring-oriented boots, so they lack the hard-shell armor so popular in supersport/racing and ADV footwear. According to Tour Master, the Solution 2.0s are made with "water repellant leather and a PU upper," which translates to a polyurethane upper. (I was hoping that meant "pressed unicorn.") The armor is molded nylon with "shock absorbing" material between that and your feet. A single zipper with a rain gusset on the inside against the foot permits access.

MX or roadracing gear they're not. But they break in quickly and fit my wide, size-11 feet extremely well. There's enough support to feel confident on the bike, but the construction is limber enough to walk in. Point of fact, there have been days when I didn't take them off until lunchtime despite having office shoes handy. There's your testimonial.

In the time I've been wearing these boots, they've been fairly durable. I've managed to scuff the toes, but they respond to various boot polishes well. The heel of one boot has just worn through the outer sole, but a dollop of Shoe Goo extended its life. And the little hook-and-loop tongues used to secure the zipper tabs have both fallen off. Remember, though: They were used at least five days a week, every week.

Waterproof? Well, not completely. I rode several hours through rain in the Pacific Northwest late last year on my KTM 990 SM-T long-termer, a bike that leaves feet largely exposed. A couple of hours into the ride, my toes were still dry, but by the end of the day, the inner soles were squishy. (This experience came with relatively worn boots and without the benefit of any kind of exterior waterproofing treatment.) I wouldn't hesitate to wear the Solutions in showery weather, but I'd definitely want overboots for a full day of fighting raindrops.

In a world of complicated, expensive boots, the Solution 2.0s are wonderfully straightforward and affordable footwear for the everyday rider who puts comfort ahead of buckle count. This pair still has some life, but I've already ordered a replacement pair.


PRICE: $130

MC Grade: A-

Verdict: Versatile, amazingly comfortable everyday boots for the tourer and commuter.

Tour Master Solution 2 0 Boots

Tour Master Solution 2 0 Boots