Top Five Features of Michelin’s Power GP2 Motorcycle Tires

This is what you need to know about Michelin’s Power GP2 streetbike tires.

Fresh from Michelin North America for the 2024 calendar year is its Power GP2 high-performance streetbike tire. Engineered as a do-it-all, 50/50-style street and trackday tire, the Power GP2 builds upon Michelin’s sport tire pedigree for motorcyclists who enjoy riding their bike at speed. Here are the top five features of Michelin’s Power GP2 streetbike tire:

  1. This is the successor to the original Power GP. It’s designed as a 50/50 tire, which means you can ride on the track and on the street with this product.
  2. This tire continues to benefit from dual-compound constructions, front and rear. The shoulder of the tire has a new carbon black mixture, while the center has a revised silica formula, think engineered sand, that gives you more durability and grip in wet weather.
  3. The tread zones of this tire have been modified; there’s less tread on the side of the tire that gives you more grip at lean.
  4. Michelin introduces a new 160/60-17 rear tire for small-bike riders.
  5. Michelin has improved virtually every characteristic of this tire, aside from warmup time. Dry grip, wet grip, durability, and handling precision have all been improved by as much as 15 percent.

Lastly, the minimum recommended cold tire pressure for these tires is 30.5 psi in the front and 27.5 psi in the rear.

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