Motorcyclists Get Bluetooth Courtesy Of Land Down Under

New York, NY, March 27, 2007 – Motorcyclists can now enjoy the freedom of handsfree mobile communication following the release of the BlueAnt Wireless Interphone Handsfree and Intercom.
To be launched as part of BlueAnt's latest product line up at this week's CTIA Wireless 2007 Event in Orlando, the Interphone will be on display within BlueAnt's booth (#1173). Easily attached to either full faced or open faced helmets, the fully weatherproof, water resistant Interphone incorporates a world class Digital Signal Processor (DSP) designed to reduce noise and echo to ensure excellent clarity of sound.

With automatic volume adjustment feature which fine-tunes to environmental noise caused by speed, the BlueAnt Interphone device enables excellent performance in speeds of up to 80mph. The microphone incorporates an anti-noise and anti-echo feature designed to minimize noise and wind interference. In order to increase usability and maximize safety whilst in use, the Interphone offers automatic voice answer,voice dialing and redial functionality.

The BlueAnt Interphone also incorporates an intercom capability which can be used between either pillion riders or motorcyclists riding in close proximity to each other (up to 490 feet). This facility is enabled when two units are being used.

BlueAnt Wireless Senior Vice President Peter George, says, "This handy device was designed with focus on its operating environment. Special attention has been given to the technology which eliminates external noise, which is changeable depending upon the speed of the rider. Additionally, careful consideration has been applied to the device’s ability to withstand exposure from the elements, particularly rain”.

“It offers up to 10 hours talk-time and an amazing 700 hours standby time. This is essential if the rider is on the bike all day for work, or on a long journey, and doesn’t have an opportunity to recharge the unit whilst on the run,” he said.

The Interphone Handsfree and Intercom is supported by BlueAnt's committed customer service program and 24-month hardware warranty.

The Interphone delivers a range of benefits including:

Wireless headset for your Bluetooth enabled cell phone at a range of up to 33 feet
Bike-to-bike Intercom for rider & passenger or two separate bikes up to 490 feet
World class Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for noise and echo reduction
Excellent performance at speeds of up to 80mph
Microphone incorporates anti-noise and anti-wind feature
Automatic volume adjustment depending on speed induced environmental noise
All weather, water resistant including heavy rain
Large multi-function button for easy use with gloves on
Full duplex
Configurable with Bluetooth Headset compatible GPS devices
Easily mounts to all full faced and open faced helmets
2 clip mounts included - Clamp mount and Adhesive
Voice answer, voice dialing & redial
Up to 10 hours talk-time or 700 hours standby
2 year replacement warranty

MSRP- $189.00

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