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Handling, grip, ride quality, and tread wear are just a few of the things affected by tire pressure, and in order to take accurate measurements, you need a decent tire gauge. At one end of the spectrum are pencil-type gauges—good for ballpark readings, if that—and at the other end are big-bucks professional units. So, what to buy? When I was faced with this question nearly a decade ago, my adolescent’s income steered me toward a $14.50 Accu-Gage from G.H. Meiser & Co.

Accu-Gages are available in several ranges from 15 to 160 psi with your choice of chuck configuration, all for the same low price. All gauges have a 2-inch face, flexible 11-in. hose, and a handy bleeder button for fine-tuning pressures. G.H. Meiser & Co. says the 60 psi gauge I bought is calibrated to +/- 1 psi at 30 psi—my gauge has always checked out when tested against the master gauges brought to the track by various tire distributors.

The gauge worked perfectly for 5 years before the needle stopped holding its reading, and just recently the hose sprang a leak at one of the brass crimp fittings. Recalling the unit’s price, I had no reservations about retiring it, and immediately returned to the web to buy a replacement. That’s when I discovered a few interesting facts. First off, G.H. Meiser & Co. warranties its gauges for life, requesting just $3 for return shipping. It even offers replacement check-valve parts for the pushbutton at no charge. And did I mention Accu-Gages are made in America? G.H. Meiser & Co. has an old-fashioned name that reflects its old-fashioned values and customer service. What a happy surprise.

Accu-Gage Tire Gauge

Price: $14.50
Contact: G.H. Meiser & Co.

MC Grade: A+

Verdict: An affordable, accurate, and reliable product from a commendable company.

Accu Gage Tire Gauge